Future Directions: Fuse
About The Project:

The students of BA (hons) Creadtive Direction for Fashion teamed up with Sense Worldwide, DVTK, Daniel Felstead and Lucy Hardcastle to participate in a knowledge share project 'Future Directions.' We were given the brief, to collect insights on future trends in technology within our experiences and translate that into a speculative response.


More about the project in the video below:

Stage One Insights: Gamification

The first part of this project, was to conduct research and generate insights on the future of our experiential spaces. This part of the project was individual: I chose to look into the gamification of our experiential spaces, to deduct the positives of this trend and incorporate it within the second stage group response.

Stage Two Group Response: Fuse

UA Fuse, a futuristic wellbeing experience to reconnect with a community while enhancing the optimised self. Currently, social media has become the predominant way in which we interact. We are more connected than ever, however, most of our online social interactions feel isolated making us feel increasingly disconnected in the physical world.


With Under Amour as a simulated client, we created a speculative futuristic wellbeing experience: a gamified app called UA FUSE that functions through a smart ring, allowing the user to go on a physical explorative journey.


It is a gamified social app where points are gained through the number of steps you take, the people you meet and the amount you explore. Each participant will personalise their journey by setting their step, social and exploration goals to achieve points which can be redeemed for exclusive UA community events.


The key features for this app are:

  • General set up, including palm calibration, scannable QR code to activate the ring.

  • Personal profile where you can set your daily goals

  • UA exclusive events

  • A calendar with user’s chosen events and total redeemable points

  • Friends list + Chat box


For the ring we use skinput technology to project an interactive interface on the user’s palm. The ring is connected via Bluetooth to the phone app. It allows user to navigate on the explore map and check current personal stats. The map will display suggested activities altered to the user’s interests and current location. This will motivate users to be more aware and engaged of their surroundings. There is also a BUDDY UP feature where the app will notify the user of nearby participants and encourage them to meet new people which helps them to gain extra points in return


UA Fuse, is an integrated experience that functions through a smart ring that connects to an app, allows user to go on a physical explorative journey.


Our interface design is inspired by Netstalgia, an aesthetic that rejects today’s polished, corporate internet and remakes it with a 90s twist and resonates with our millennial target market. It takes you back to a time when internet existed but didn’t control our lives.