The Molly Paper

The brief given, was to understand the essential ethos and spirit of an up-coming brand within fashion, Molly Goddard, while translating their aesthetic into visuals within a publication. 

My response, included a 3 part look-book zine, to encapsulate Goddard's past, present and future. Moreover, I circulated the zine allowing people to visually and textually respond to them inspired by Goddard's 'What I Like' exhibition at the NOW Gallery. Here, the audience is able to experience, feel and respond to the tactility and process of her work by physically sewing onto her clothes - similarly, I wanted these printed objects to be an unlikely interactive space.

Visual Experiemnts:

These are some of the initial visual tests: this process of testing out various different ideas allowed me to figure out the visual ethos and aesthetic direction to pursue with this project.